This is THE largest Independent BROKERS Organization of it's kind in Indy and Surrounding Counties!  

1.  Great Support System: Who can you call if something comes up in your daily business?  Most of our members have been in the real estate industry for many years.  *They are all willing to listen and share their advice. 

2.  Awesome Speakers:  Our speakers come from all fields from technology to tax and legal advisors, safety, motivational, etc.  You can learn a lot at our meetings.

3. Camaraderie: We have a lot of fun at IREIBA and make good friends in this organization. We support each other, by genuinely sharing our listing information, ideas, new information, etc. with one another.

4. Philanthropic Endeavors: IREIBA has been working with The Channel 6 Toy Drive, Backpack Attack, and MIBOR Annual Ball, The Realtor Foundation and more. It just feels good to do good. And our customers and clients like it that we belong to something which is much bigger than

5. MEMBERSHIP HAS IT'S PRIVILAGES: Remember you don't have to attend every meeting, every event, every party, but belonging to a group like ours is something to brag about, put it on your website, put it on your email signature, put it on your business card. We are proud to be members
and when we tell our customers and clients they are happy to know we have such a community involved group of people. It's not just about selling real estate, it's so much more!

6. The cost is very affordable! Only $40 for Managing Brokers, $28 for Brokers & $52 for Affiliate

*Disclaimer: IREIBA cannot be held responsible for any bad advice. For legal questions, contact the MIBOR legal hotline or an attorney.
If you are a new member fees are as follows:

Managing Brokers - $40.00
Brokers (working for a Managing Broker) - $28.00
Affiliates - $52.00

All new members pay the full price, dues are prorated in the following year when invoices are sent out.  

You can also download a printable version, simply click here: 


Checks should be made payable to IREIBA™ and given to the Membership Chair or Treasurer with your completed application. Mail with payment to:
PO Box 44627
Indianapolis IN   46244
Membership in IREIBA™ is open to Independent Brokers, their Brokers associates, and Real Estate Affiliates.

How to join Online?
1. Application must be completed in full or it will not be processed.  Type N/A on any items that are not applicable. Do not leave out references.
2. Click Submit.
3. Online payment go to link at the top of the page.
4. Your Application & Fee will be immediately forwarded to Vice President of Membership and the Treasurer for presentation to the BOD at their next meeting.
5. Broker applications will not be reviewed without payment.
6. Affiliate applications DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT since there is a waiting list.
You will be notified of acceptance.

Submission of your application does not mean you are automatically accepted.  All applications are vetted and approved by the IREIBA™ Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Your dues include a Website Listing on www.IREIBA.com
Managing Brokers/Brokers & Affiliates - Your dues payment includes a listing on our site and a Link to Your Own Website.
Your Personal Profile on the Meet Our Members page can include Your Name, Your Company Name,  Your Photo & Your Logo, Your Contact Phone Numbers, Email Address, a website link to your own Website and a short infommercial about your specialty!   
Upon submission of your Application and payment, you may submit your online Profile information for consideration. Once your Application is approved, your Profile will be posted.
Submit your payment online:  ONLINE PAYMENT

You may make payments in person at the next regular meeting or by mail.  Applications for Brokers are not vetted or approved without payment.  
Checks should be made payable to IREIBA™ and given to the Membership Chair or Treasurer with your completed application. Mail with payment to:
PO Box 44627
Indianapolis IN   46244

Affiliates submit application without payment due to the limited number of affiliates allowed.  Your application will be vetted and approved and on our waiting list.  Once there is an opening your application shall be voted on by the Board of Directors.  If approved payment must be submitted within a week after notification.  If payment is not received, the next affiliate on the waiting list will be notified. If you miss the deadline for payment, you will have to submit a new application and will be moved to the bottom of the list.  


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