We've Come A Long Way Baby!  There have been many years of memories since 2001.  Look at these photos to see who we are and what we've done!

2019 November IREIBA meeting

We had a great turn out for our November meeting!  Kim Small (IREIBA Affiliate) from Agent Sauce provide a wonderful breakfast and presentation!  We had our election for the 2020 Board Of Directors.  We made a $1500 donation to School on Wheels which help homeless kids get the education they need to have a better life.  Finally, our November Guest Speaker was Steve Lains from BAGI who gave us a great update as to what has happened, what is happening now, and the projected housing needs in the new home market.

2019 October

Panel Discussion - Theresa Darling from Michaelis was our affiliate sponsor.
From left to right, Lynda Lambert, Chad Thompson & Kathy Grider

2019 End of Summer at Rick's Cafe Boatyard

We could not have asked for a nicer day for our End of Summer Happy Hour!  We had the largest turn out ever!  Thanks to everyone that came and any of our friends that provided appeitizers for the group! 
Angela welcomes 2 new members, Jennifer Foy & Keri Authurton from Harvest Realty!

2019 September Meeting

Paul Ball from Trident Environmental was our guest speaker!  Thank you to Cheryl Davis from First American Title for sponsoring breakfast from Chick-Fil-A and providing a wonderful door prize!

2019 August Meeting

Speaker - Sentrilocks
Affiliate Breakfast Sponsor - Jim Metzler from State Farm Insurance!
Back Pack donations for Stout Field Elementary! Delivered by Marilyn White and Marena Leis.

2019 July IREIBA Regular Meeting & Back Pack Donations!


2019 June IREIBA Sponsored CE

Thank you to all of the individuals that made this month's CE class a success!

Kathy Grider from Amerifirst for Breakfast!
Marena Leis from Highlands Mortgage for Lunch!
Dee Young - New Day Training for great subject matter!  

Angela Newberry

2019 May Regular IREIBA meeting

Zachary Churney from MIBOR was our Guest Sponsor- Janai Roberts from Elements Financial.  
Dee Young- New Day Realty Training

May 2019 CE

Dee Young was our instructor, May 1st to get in that last minute of required CE!  Our sponsors were Theresa Darling from Michaelis Construction and Rachel Campbell from RiteRug! Thanks to all who attended. 

2019 Real Estate Expo

2019 Real Estate Expo Presented by IREIBA benefitting The Realtor® Foundation.

April 17th 2019
Biltwell Event Center


2019 April Regular Meeting

Great turn out this month.  Kristen Olsen and Mark Groff taught us how to find off-the-market properties! Rachel Campbell from RiteRug sponsored our breakfast and told us how we can get affordable flooring in a timely manner for our listings!

Thanks to all that came out today!

2019 March Meeting

Great turn out today! Thanks to our sponsor Highlands Residential Services and Marena Leis.  Guest Speaker Mark Doud from IHCDA Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.  Several new members were introduced today!

2019 February Meeting

We had a huge crowd at the February Meeting.  The guest speaker spoke about the changes in the tax laws. 
4 New Members are sworn in.

2019 January Regular Meeting & IREIBA at the MIBOR BALL

Really good turn out on this cold winter's day! Angela Newberry inducted  4 new members. Andrew Huber from MIBOR gave us an update.  Kristen Olsen introduced our Affiliate Sponsor was Rob Norman from PRMG and our Main Speaker was Mark Ratterman and Dee Young gave us a quick update on our 2019 Fundraising event! Scott Pallikan passed out Committee sign up sheets and of course Marty Matlock lead the meeting.  
Channel 6 Toy Drive 2012

IREIBA Milestones

IREIBA Over the years