Congratulations and Thank you for membership application!

Now that your application has been accepted we want you to get the most out of your membership!  Here are some things you should do.

1.  Set up your profile! 
  • Go to the "Meet the Members" on this site.
  • Find the button that says, Add your profile.  Click there and follow the instructions. If you have any problems setting it up or you lose your password, you can contact us at:
  • Or go to the Profile Instruction Page.

2.  Make sure you are on the email list. 
  • Go to "Join Email List" and add your email address that you want notices to go to. Anytime you change your email address go there to update it.  The website and email program are not connected. 
3.  Try to attend as many meetings as you can.  
  • Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday each month.  There is no meeting in December.  We usually have a holiday party that day.  Sometimes meetings are cancelled due to weather or parking issues.  Affiliate members are required to attend at least 8 meetings per year to retain their membership.
4.  Volunteer.
  • Each year we have several different events that we can always use volunteers for.  We also need Committee Chair people to organize these events, so we encourage you to volunteer!  
5.  Watch for Educational opportunities.
  • We always try to help our members stay current with market changes and required CE. We just started to offer a discount to members for CE training and scholarships for the REAL classes offered through MIBOR.  
6.  MIBOR Ball. 
  • IREIBA™ normally has a presence at the MIBOR ball.  If you'd like to come, let us know so you can sit with us.  
7.  Think about being on the Board of Directors.
  • We are always looking for new officer candidates to keep the organization going! After you have been with IREIBA™ for at least 12 months by January of the upcoming year, and if you are a Broker member, you can run for office.  The offices that come up are, President, Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Membership, Treasurer & Secretary. To be President you must have served on the Board for at least a year. After the term of President, you become the Immediate Past President. The following year the IPP becomes the Executive Director. This helps new officers with their roles.  
  • If you have any questions or concerns you can always ask the Board members for help.  Find their names and contact info on the "Our Offices" page.
8.  Tell Others.
  • If you meet any other Independent Brokers or Affiliates invite them to come to our meeting!  The first meeting is free to anyone.  It's only $5 per visit after that! The more members we have the stronger our organization becomes!  So, spread the word!!

You have joined a group of seasoned professionals in our field to expand your knowledge.  We cannot give legal advice by any means, but sometimes just having someone to run things by can help us find the answers we are looking for within ourselves.