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Next meeting will be held virturally

Indiana Real Estate Broker’s Association (IREIBA)

IREIBA September Meeting
Date:           October 20, 2020
Time:           10:30-11:45 am
Location:     Zoom Virtual Meeting
Topic:           Pop-by Gifts

Location:  Zoom Virtual Meeting. Link will go out via email to membership.


Guest Speakers:
Karen McDonald, I Pop By To You
Stevanne  Steadman, I Pop By To You
Pop-by gifts can get a little obsessive! They are an absolute blast to put together, and if you haven't started doing it yet, we highly recommend doing so after you have set aside the budget after a closing. But they don't have to get really expensive, either. Pop-bys can be great for multiple reasons. To connect with past clients who have already closed, to farm your own neighborhood (or another one), or to have a more relaxed atmosphere when going to FSBO and expired listings. It builds relationships and even if you don't get business right away from it, it's the referral aspect that really gives value to doing pop-by gifts. 
Now coming up with an idea can be a bit of a struggle. So we have speakers who spent hours coming up with creations for us realtors or affiliates. Don't forget to add something your client can use to save your information to contact you later down the road. A business card will work, but a magnetic one for the fridge will go a lot further in ensuring you are remembered.