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Non-Profit organization of Independent Real Estate Brokers & Affiliates
Founded in 2001 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Next meeting will be held virturally

Indiana Real Estate Broker’s Association (IREIBA)

IREIBA August Meeting
Date:           August 18, 2020
Time:           10:30-11:45 am
Location:     Zoom Virtual Meeting
Topic:           Accounting & Legal

Location:  Zoom Virtual Meeting. Link will go out via email to membership.


Greg Smith,  CPA - Smith CPA Group 
Joanne McAnlis, Attorney - Smith CPA Group (Managing Attorney)

Topic:  Accounting and Legal Issues

Just when you needed them most!
We have two professionals to answer your Real Estate business related questions. 
As a Real Estate Broker are you taking the maximum allowable business expenses on your income tax return? 
Do you have your company set up properly? 
Is there a real estate transaction coming up that your client needs some legal advice?
Bring your questions!