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IREIBA™ Affiliate Members
Becoming an IREIBA• Affiliate

Becoming an Affiliate Member.  Any real estate related Vendor or Supplier that works with, or services the real estate community can apply to join as Affiliate Member.

IREIBA™ was started to be a place for Independent Brokers to go to for training and support.

To maintain its integrity, the number of Affiliate members must not exceed the number of Brokers.  The maximum number of Affiliate members cannot exceed 41% of the total membership.  

The Board of Directors monitors the company types so that there are not too many of any one type of business.  This is not an easy task and is regulated by the Board’s discretion.

Affiliates do not have voting rights, but can volunteer for any committee.  


Being a member of IREIBA™ is a prestigious honor.  Affiliate members are not only looked up to within the Organization, but it also gives them creditability and hopefully earns them more business in and outside the Organization.  


  • If you are not a member yet, you are allowed to come to any general meeting for a low fee of $5, paid at the door.
  • For special events, such as party, fundraiser, paid training, etc., please check for the specific fee.  
Current & Active Affiliates

The Profiles of many of our Current & Active Affiliates appear in Meet the Members

Once an Affiliate has joined IREIBA™ through the application steps and process, they RENEW their Membership for the second year and every year annually in January along with the Broker Members.