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Our members are unique individuals that care about their business and have joined a group of independent thinkers with their clients and customers best interest in mind.

If you are in need for an exceptional Real Estate Broker to help you buy or sell a property, find one below!

Our Affilate Members and their services include:  Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Loan Officers & Lenders, Title Insurance, Home Service Warranty, Home Insurance, Contractors - Flooring, Repair & Restoration, Real Estate Educators & Instructors.   
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Carla Janson

Company: GVC Mortgage

Natalie Hightower

Company: Hightower Homes, LLC

Cheryl Strode-Gregory

Company: CC&R Realty, LLC

Lisa Orecchio

Company: 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Alison McConnell

Company: Matlin Realty

Emerson Aniceto

Company: Emerson Aniceto Productions

Melissa Richey

Company: Home Realty, LLC

Rob Norman

Company: Hallmark Home Mortgage

Connie Jurey

Company: House Smart ™ Realty, LLC

Jessica Bischoff

Company: JRB Group/IREIBA Board 2022-23

Dawn Fisher

Company: Above & Beyond Realty, LLC

Dee A Young

Company: NEW DAY Realty

Kathy Grider

Company: The Infinity Group Realtors

Jason Richey

Amy Smay

Steve Salerno

John Martin

Donald Huntzinger

Wendy Stewart-Keller

Company: Heartland HouseMaster

Valerie Hoefling


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