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Membership in IREIBA™ is open to Indiana Licensed Independent Real Estate Brokers, and the Brokers who are associated with them, regardless of other professional or realty associations.

IREIBA™ also welcomes the applications of Vendors/Suppliers who work in our industry, known as Affiliates.

IREIBA™ accepts members throughout the State of Indiana. IREIBA™ monthly meetings are held in Indianapolis. 



What is IREIBA™?

Indiana Real Estate Independent Brokers Association™. An organization created and dedicated to support and promote the efforts of Independent Brokers and those who work with them in their own businesses.


What is the structure of the group?

We are a registered Indiana Nonprofit Corporation. We have collectively designed and adopted our own Constitution and ByLaws, a set of guidelines and procedures which govern our group. We have a Board of Directors and Officers, which we elect annually, who are charged with the responsibility of managing the business end of our organization.

Who can join IREIBA™?

Any licensed Indiana Independent Real Estate Managing Broker can apply to join as a Managing Broker Member. Any Real Estate Broker or MBE working with/under an IREIBA™ Managing Broker can apply as a Broker Member. Any real estate related Vendor or Supplier that works with, or services the real estate community can apply to join as Affiliate Member.


Do I have to be a member of MIBOR® or IAR® to join IREIBA™?

No, IREIBA™ will consider membership for any Independent Broker of Indiana or vendor/supplier. Any member joining that is not a member of NAR® is required to voluntarily agree to honor the NAR® Code of Ethics in all dealings with the public and other professionals. Further, IREIBA™ does acknowledge that membership in both IAR® and MIBOR® offers important tools for any broker and we encourage membership and involvement with the local Boards.


How much are Dues and when are they paid?

Membership Renewal fees are due each January.  All Member categories are $50 per year. This includes Managing Broker Members, Broker Members and Affiliate Members


What is the cost to join?

All member candidates pay one full year of dues with their Application, regardless of type of membership or time of the year joining, The second following year is prorated. In December the Treasurer and Membership Chair calculate each new member’s first renewal amount.


How do I join?

Fill out the Application, provide your first year of dues, and submit all to the VP of Membership. You can apply and pay online and your information will be forwarded immediately for processing. You can also print out the Application, fill it out and bring it to the next meeting or submit by mail.  We have a pdf  document online that you can download, or simply print the application page. Applications are screened and voted on by the Board Of Directors.


How long has IREIBA™ been around?

IREIBA™ was informally started in early 2001 by a group of 13 Independents who agreed to gather and discuss the concept of starting the organization. The first regular meeting was held in March 2001. The group was first known as IREBA, the Independent Real Estate Brokers Association. ByLaws were created and Officers elected in late 2001. In the Spring of 2005, the group chose to create a more formal and legal structure by registering the organization as an official Indiana corporation and setting up nonprofit status with the IRS as a Business League. At that time, the name was changed to the Indiana Real Estate Independent Brokers Association and the name and the initials "IREIBA" were registered with the State.

We were awarded a Proclaimation by the Mayor of Lawrence on April 5, 2015 as IREIBA day!  The party was complete with dinner, pianist and a 15-Year Anniversary cake, naturally!  Awards were given to all of the former Presidents, Board Members, and Committee Members for their participation in the success of the organization!


Is IREIBA™a part of any national or statewide group?

No. IREIBA™ is totally independent, funded and governed entirely by the local membership.


How many people are in IREIBA™?

We have approximately 100+ members consisting of Managing Brokers, Brokers, and Affiliates.  


Can I attend a meeting to check out the group before I join?

Yes. Your first visit is free. Any meetings after the first meeting is only $5 per visit paid at the door.


Where are the meetings? Where do I park?

Meeting locations can vary.  Often we meet at the MIBOR REALTOR® Association building, located at 1912 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.  Parking is free in the lot behind the building at MIBOR.


When are the meetings and what time do they start?

Meetings are monthly on the Third (3rd) Tuesday. We gather starting at 10:00A to enjoy a light breakfast donated by an Affiliate Sponsor each month. Networking is 10:00A-10:30A. Meeting is 10:30A-12:00P.


Why does it take longer for an Affiliate to become a member?

IREIBA™ was started to be a place for Independent Brokers to go to for training and support. To maintain its integrity, the number of Affiliate members must not exceed the number of Brokers.  The maximum number of Affiliate members cannot exceed 41% of the total membership.  Affiliates do not have voting rights, but can volunteer for any committee.  Being a member of IREIBA is a prestigious honor.  Affiliate members are not only looked up to within the Organization, but it also gives them creditability and hopefully earns them more business in and outside the Organization.  If you are not a member yet, you are allowed to come to any meeting for a low fee of $5, paid at the door, unless it is a special event, such as party, fundraiser, paid training, etc. in which case that fee would be posted.  The Board of Directors monitors the company types so that there are not too many of any one type of business.  This is not an easy task and is regulated by the Board’s discretion.


What is the mailing address for IREIBA?

Our mailing address is IREIBA PO Box 44627, Indianapolis, IN 46244-0627

Independent as defined by IREIBA™ means that you are not with a franchise company or a company that has more than 20 brokers, active and in referral status, and only one office.


IREIBA™ does not and will not engage in antitrust activity. We do not engage in activity that may be construed as a conspiracy nor will we falsely disparage a competitor. We do not discuss other brokerage commissions or their policies. And we do not seek to represent anyone who would want to engage in this activity.


IREIBA™ - As real estate professionals, we can only provide a list of businesses but cannot and do not endorse or recommend any particular company.


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